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We are specialists in providing multi-
modal preclinical neuroimaging data for
the pharmaceutical industry. Whatever
your drug discovery need, we have a
solution for you.

We are specialists in providing multi-modal preclinical neuroimaging data for the pharmaceutical industry. Whatever your drug discovery need, we have a solution for you.

Who are we?

We are a startup created with the mission of revolutionising the preclinical neuroimaging field, disrupting the drug discovery process, bringing value and confidence to our pharmaceutical clients.

Our vision is to become the preferred data acquisition and analysis partner of pharmaceutical companies, offering unmatched expertise in delivering high throughput services.

We deliver high quality and efficient services, with clear communication and professionalism. Building long-term relationships with our clients is our biggest passion.

What do we do?

With over 15 years experience in designing, collecting and analysing preclinical multi-modal neuroimaging experiments for the pharmaceutical industry, we understand what is important to our clients: increasing confidence in preclinical data, improving success rates in clinical trials and reducing time-to-market.

​Either through consultancy, data acquisition and analysis services using neuroPhINDr (our AI-powered, high throughput, multi-modal preclinical neuroimaging pipeline), or by developing solutions tailored to your specific needs, we are confident we can help you in your drug discovery programme.

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data processing

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Our unmatched expertise in preclinical neuroimaging allows us to help in all aspects of your preclinical drug development programme.

Data acquisition

We have access to world-class facilities with the latest technology in preclinical neuroimaging, offering you the highest quality data in the field.

Data analysis

We extract every bit of information from your data. Using highly scalable cloud computing, we can quickly process any size of data set, saving you precious time.


We are developing AI-powered solutions to increase the translational value of preclinical neuroimaging. Whatever your needs, we can develop a solution for you.

Frequently asked questions

Preclinical functional MRI (fMRI) can help in the drug discovery process by allowing researchers to non-invasively study how potential drug candidates affect brain function in live animals. fMRI measures changes in blood flow and oxygen levels in the brain, which can provide insights into brain activity and connectivity. By using preclinical fMRI, researchers can assess how drugs modulate brain function, such as changes in neural activation patterns or network connectivity, in response to drug treatment. This information can help researchers evaluate the efficacy of drug candidates, understand their mechanisms of action, and identify potential side effects on brain function. Preclinical fMRI can thus provide valuable data to guide the development and optimization of drug candidates, ultimately accelerating the drug discovery process.

Currently, we can do BOLD and blood flow and we can also do EEG as a complementary technique. We are working to include more techniques (SPECT and PET) in the near future.

Currently, we are able to perform in vivo MRI on mice and rats. If you need studies performed on larger animals, please get in touch so we can discuss your specific needs.

neuroPhINDr is our high throughput standard platform for acquiring, processing, analysing and reporting preclinical neuroimaging data. It combines different measurements of brain activity to create a comprehensive picture of how a novel drug affects brain function.